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This was such a fun element at a Franklin Institute wedding - a decadent candy bar by Lisa's Candy Buffet and More. It was set up so perfectly and tastefully to compliment the standard wedding dessert buffet. There were so many pinks and interesting jars to hold all of the sweet candy. I feel that I need to have a Candy Buffet in my life on a regular basis - just to look at!

I photographed the candy buffet from many unique angles to create some great images for the bride and groom to include in their wedding album. The buffet itself was set up just inside the Main Entrance of the museum and before you walked into the Ben Franklin Memorial rotunda. Just behind the bar was the Giant Heart exhibit where guests enjoyed the cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres. Besides this exhibit, wedding guests were able to experience the Electricity exhibit and Changing Earth Exhibits.

Some other elements that I have seen at wedding receptions that are getting good reactions from guests are the Salty after-dessert buffets. These typically will have salty foods like french fries, Pizza, Peanuts, and even Cheese Steaks! These usually come out around 10 or 11 to get some extra carbs after the bar closes!

The Franklin Institute is located in Philadelphia on the Ben Franklin Parkway, Phone: 215.448.1165, email: web:

Location: 222 N. 20th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103.